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Ultra timely, ultra quality. At Fairfield Auto Wreckers, vehicle owners can depend on the best quality used auto parts without hassle and time spent locating the parts. Our team of auto specialists is here to provide vehicle owners with the best parts and fastest service to fit in your Car, SUV, 4x4, Truck and van.

Fairfield Auto Wreckers is Sydney's professional second hand and used auto parts. Fairfield Auto Wreckers have the replacement parts you are looking for with just a call away. From bonnet to headlights and wheels, you name it, Fairfield Auto Wreckers has it! Thanks to our car wrecking business, everyday we take apart several vehicles for parts. When you contact Fairfield Auto Wreckers, you can be sure of getting only the high quality parts because we never run out stock!

Fairfield Auto Wreckers is Australia’s auto parts leader. Why not skip the middleman and contact the leader yourself and enjoy MASSIVE discounts? You not only save money, but also get quality assurance and save time haggling with different smaller companies. Fairfield Auto Wreckers provides used parts for all kinds of vehicles, including but definitely not limited to:

Are you in need of a battery, new headlights, or a bumper for your car? Call us at 0481 210 800 and get expert suggestions and high quality products that are perfect for your vehicle.

To find which cars we are wrecking now visit our car wrecking page.

Quality parts, fast service, and experienced staff

When you contact Fairfield Auto Wreckers, you can expect fast service and professional staff dealing. Our parts store is organised with parts shelved that are easy to locate. Whether you are looking for factory auto parts or used parts for your vehicle, our experts will help you to ensure you get whatever you need without losing any time. Whether you need a part for your engine or a replacement engine, nothing is a small job at Fairfield Auto Wreckers, as you are guaranteed to receive fast service and best selection of used factory parts in Sydney.

For more details about our huge inventory of second hand parts, contact our parts specialist in Sydney at 0481 210 800.

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